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4/5/2017 Barack Obama’s top aides routinely reviewed intelligence reports gotten from the National Security Agency’s incidental intercepts of Americans abroad.    When the rules were relaxed  by Obama starting  as  early as 2011 didn't Hillary and Bill could make a few BILLION?....  Is it ABOUT  time to follow the money? 

President, code name,BIG O,  authorization to unmask individuals who were 'incidentally' surveilled.... SO, wasn't it fun for Former CIA Director John Brennan, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Obama's National Security advisor Susan Rice TO MAKE BIG BUCKS and to hell with the little guy?.... So why did New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman has been sit on the Susan Rice story for at least two days?  SEE BILLIONNOTE.COM below.... See ya latter... but I digress,

At Fox News,  Adam Housley tweeted on Friday that the surveillance that led to the unmasking began before Trump was the GOP nominee, and that the person who did the unmasking is a "very senior" and "very well known" person in the surveillance community - and not someone in the FBI.  BUT, who can keep their eyes on the MONEY?

   ZeroPointNow noted, "this of course begs the question of whether or not President Obama would have ordered Rice to perform the unmasking."  But who knows, with 100's of BILLIONS somehow "missiong at FREDDY MAC and FANNY MAE....iT SEEMS  the 2 or 3 BILLIONS the the Clintons already "TOOK" was just seed money for FOB....Friends of Bill.....

Daniel Mulligan UNMASKED the above from sources believe to be true...but with the MONEY flowing and Billions WHO CARES? THIS SITE IS COPY WRITTEN AND SO IS THE FAKE $$$$$$ Thanks for you interest.

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7/31/2017   THE  QUESTION what to do about those agencies , both local and federal who don't answer YOUR freedom of information request within the a 20 days? See below


5/17/2017 about two weeks ago, Senator Rand Paul stated that he believed he was also unmasked by Obama.... For months I have been THINKING.....Could it be we have a shadow GOV?  Could it be possible that all Repubs running for PRES...., and even Bernie were UNMASKED?   Could it be that there are traitors in the FBI?  OR were the words some two thousand years ago true today? See new filed document sent to President Trump and Senator Rand Paul ....on Service Section


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Be carefull this 9/11 but today 9/6/2017 sorry folks, It appears that our former President cares more about more illegal aliens having better RIGHTS than WE the People -Citizens.....Former Pres said nothing about Texas or Florida getting hit by hurricane, but wants to keep illegal's in to steal our jobs...  Remember on 20 April 2010???  An Explosion and fire on the BP-licensed Transocean drilling rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven people are reported missing and approximately 17 injured. A blowout preventer, intended to prevent release of crude oil, failed to activate....Check it out Lazy Obama  took 9 days before he woke up from his sex party or did he call Putin?? to get his call to We the People...or was he going to do or say anything?  Oh, yes the Brits , Ahabs got richer as OIL spiked to over $5.88.99

I would hate to say but with TX and Florida down...something in the atmotsppeere...cut really hurt our Grid....If grid goes down within 2 days there is no cell phone, fresh food, power, Facebook , etc.

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Please look at returned envelope.  Sometimes it appears people don't have much of sense of humor ?  Can you figure how the Post OFFICE doesn't know who Donald Trump is in NY?

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8/2/2017  Anybody who know President Trump:  Please tell him not to trust the stock market as I believe it rigged with ETN's note also Proverbs 16:18King James Version   18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.  The swamp will  take the DOW  "and all the market down" as our $$$ keeps falling.

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