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1`1/13/2017  What did it cost to become FREE?  What are OUR Bill of Rights WORTH?   OR what happens IF WE LOSE IT ?     Some of my friends ask WHAT DOES IT COST  OR why do I file so many affidavits?  My answer what is it worth to become FREE?  I don't like being wrongly arrested for 30 years in the worst slave state of the world...  SO why not WARN others about the corrupt Ponzi rat slave state called FLORIDA?  What is YOUR FREEDOM WORTH?   If  aren't a GREEDY corrupt lawyer  YOU  MAY FIND OUT Florida has become a SLAVE STATE for males.... WATCH OUT for the insurance, lawyer and or cops slave-lords!

trumpspy Agent

Our spy network gotta do more work...Why the hell is a recusal written so  WE the PEOPLE can't read it?   Are judges in Palm Beach County that evil or just Russian spies?  Call dan 561-838-3559 for the latest duck poop!

You don't need a spy... You don't need a spy in Palm Beach County just follow the money, SEX or the good AD?   Shouldn't the PEOPLE,  just ask. just why does stupid turtle Daniel Mulligan get  harassed and falsely arrested by a library run by Canadians?  Seriously, was below a bribe or what?